Switching Over with Shahid SmartTVBox

More now than ever, people are taking the power into their own hands, embracing new technology to stay entertained. Individuals can save countless hours by choosing to watch what they want, when they want, rather than rely on service providers and network schedules to choose their entertainment for them.



Android boxes represent a new alternative to checking the TV Guide and waiting for your programme to come on- it’s not what’s on now but what can be on. We encourage everyone to follow their desire and use their imagination in selecting content. Shows that came and went on TV, films that you just missed in the cinema, or the entire filmography of your favourite actor; all are easily accessible with an Android smart box.

Our devices are plug-and-play, meaning they won’t require a technician to call around at inconvenient hours, repossessing or installing hefty equipment. The transition starts and ends as soon as you plug in your device, connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and connect to your internet either by wifi or Ethernet.

We’re all now very familiar with wifi and the Android OS; the switch has never been more convenient.

Don’t worry about content being unavailable in your area: we deliver our android boxes worldwide, with the same great content anywhere across the globe, provided you are connected to the internet.

The potential for entertainment doesn’t end at movies, music and TV. Running Android grants you full access to the Google Play Store, home to over 2.5 million apps. Games, eBooks, educational content and utilities are all available to transform your home TV into a fully-fledged media centre. Why not check your emails and check the weather before starting the next episode of that show you were watching?

We acknowledge that this new technology can be daunting to new users, which is why we extend a helping hand in the form of our aftersales support. We provide operation-guide for most of the device’s functions as well as anything new that comes to our attention, to give you the best streaming experience we can.

We’re only beginning to see the potential of a device as versatile as an android smart box taking pride of place beside your TV. Don't miss out!